About Nephi City

Welcome to Nephi City, the friendly city at the crossroads of Utah!


In 1851, when the first settlers of our valley selected the area on the edge of Salt Creek as their community site, they also started a tradition that even today stands as a beacon to ALL travelers…they established hospitality and a spirit of friendliness. This same feeling exists today, as we welcome visitors from throughout the state of Utah and elsewhere to our community.

Friendly City at the Cross Roads of Utah

Nephi is the “Friendly city at the crossroads of Utah,” not in slogan only, but in reality, for it stands indeed at the crossroads. I-15 passes through the east side of Nephi, and SR. 132 is the east-west highway that crosses I-15 at Nephi. From Nephi, all areas of the state are accessible.

City officials and residents invite friends from other communities to return to our city often, to enjoy the parks, golf course, pool, and other recreational facilities. The advantages of location, climate, and great people also make Nephi an attractive place to live and operate a business.

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