Library Board of Trustees

Purpose of the Library Board

The library board consists of members of the community that show great interest in the library, who assist the Library Director in overseeing the policies and procedures of the Library. This board meets quarterly to review and discuss the library with the Library Director. 

Board of Trustee Members

Term Expires
Skip Worwood, City Council Rep.Email
Stephanie Hall, ChairmanEmail
801-783-8500June 2025 (1)
Elissa Palmer, Vice-Chairman Email
435-592-4229June 2024 (1)
Tiffany Hancock, SecretaryEmail
435-623-1389June 2025 (2)
Larry O'DonnalEmail 
435-314-7089June 2025 (2)
Kimberli FultonEmail
801-885-2251June 2025 (1)