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In September of 2020, Nephi City passed Ordinance  9-15-2020 and 9-15-2020A concerning ATV/OHV and Golf Carts use in Nephi City. This ordinance comes into full enforcement on September 23, 2020.

This ordinance comes after many years of debate on how to assist residents with the use of ATV/OHV and Golf Carts on city streets and in preparation for future growth in Nephi City. It is also to address the use of these recreational vehicles and youth training because manufacturers recommend the age of operation at 16 there has been a growing concern in the level of youth usage in our city.

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HOV Route

The above map indicates the ATV/OHV safe travel roads. Highlighted in green they run throughout town, if you do not live near one of the indicated roads the vehicle must enter the closest available ATV/OHV road to travel to your destination.

So, What does this ordinance entail?

Ordinance Flyer

To assist guardians in helping youth understand the ordinance we asked Officer Barker of the Nephi City Police Department to explain the ATV/OHV Ordinance and address safety for our youth...

Need assistance with your youth and road safety, there is a class that is possible to take on the Utah Department of Natural Resources Page. For this class please click the link or the picture below for more information. Please be advised that due to COVID-19 many of the courses have changed.

Utah State Parks LogoA OHV/ATV class is available through the Utah State Parks to find more information on this course please go to: