The Nephi City Police Department is a Proud Sponsor of the VIPS (Volunteers in Police Service), a nationally recognized program which is committed to developing a spirit of cooperation and partnership with the community.


 Program Description:

The Nephi City Police VIPS members, are all volunteers and are sworn to uphold the law and help law enforcement personnel with non-hazard police services in any way they can or are asked, through the Police Department, Patrol Division. Members must submit a detailed application, pass a criminal background check, and pass an interview process. A minimum of 8 hours of volunteer service time is required each month as is a minimum of training hours. Attendance at regular monthly meetings is mandatory in order to help keep the group organized, trained, and focused on their roles.

Duties to Include:

  • Assist Patrol Division as needed
  • Directing traffic at accident scenes
  • Removal of debris in the roadway
  • Waiting for wrecker on impounds and accidents
  • Shuttling paperwork, keys, equipment, etc...
  • Assisting with missing children and the elderly
  • Recovery of found property, (bikes or other types on request)
  • Vacation checks and extra patrol of designated areas
  • Field Emergency Triage and Food Preparation
  • Fundraising for program
  • Taking of minor calls for service with citizens
  • Motorist assist calls
  • Stalled vehicles
  • Shuttles of stranded motorists
  • Welfare checks on elderly citizens
  • Assist with Code Enforcement
  • Other Duties as assigned by the Police Department
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