Lost Pet

Missing your Pet?

Every pet that is picked up by our Animal Control is taken to our Shelter.  The best way to find your pet is to call us at (435) 623-       .  

My Pet was Picked up by Animal Control. How do I Retrieve it?

Animals impounded will be redeemed to a person over 18 who can provide proof of identification and animal ownership. Redemption fees will apply; we accept cash, credit cards, and checks. Please note that we cannot quote fees over the phone. Please bring current, valid photo identification and one or more of the following to prove ownership: 

  • Location and date when pet was last seen;
  • Age and sex of the animal;
  • Current photos of the pet;
  • Veterinary records for the pet, including proof of vaccinations and proof of sterilization;
  • Microchip information
Impound Fees
**Please note that after 5 days if the Pet is not claimed they become available for adoption.**
Impound Fee  $25.00
Daily Fee $10.00
Total Fees$25.00 + # of Days for the Daily Fee