Amended Budget FY 2022

Since a budget is essentially a financial plan, it is sometimes necessary to modify the budget to match actual expenses and revenues.  The table below shows the modifications made to the budget for Fiscal Year 2022.  


  • Revenues for the swimming pool and recreation were increased to match actual income.  
  • Fund balance funds are increased to cover costs of some government programming and to ensure fund balance amount is in compliance with state law.
  • Water, Electric, and Natural Gas Fund revenues were increased to reflect actual income.
  • Fleet Fund Revenues were added.


  • General Government services costs were higher due to inflation and the hiring of a full-time planner.  
  • Water Fund costs associated with the closing out of the water project were higher than budget estimates and covered by additional grant funds. 
  • Electric costs were higher due to new growth and additional power purchases.  
  • Natural Gas costs were higher due to new growth and additional natural gas purchases.
  • Fleet Fund Expenses were added.