Equal Payment Plan


It is the policy of Nephi City Corporation (the “City”) to allow residential utility customers to pay their utility bills in equal installments. The policy for the Equal Payment Plan for the City will be as follows:

1. Upon application of a residential customer and approval by the City, the payments for utility service to the customer may be rendered in equal monthly amounts. To be approved for the Equal Payment Plan, a customer must have at least a 12-month permanent utility account history at the same address and must not have been delinquent in paying the 12 most recent utility bills.

2. The Equal Payment Plan for a customer shall consist of 12 equal monthly payments for utility service, based on an average of 12 months’ actual utility bills, plus 10%. The budget plan accounts shall be reviewed by the City after the first 3 months and at least annually thereafter. The customer’s plan may be reviewed and amended by the City as needed, in response to changing prices or variations in the customer’s utility usage.

3. Enrollment in the Equal Payment Plan must be accomplished in June or July. However, the budget plan shall not become effective until the billing cycle following enrollment.

4. The customer may cancel the Equal Payment Plan at any time by notifying the City in writing 15 days in advance of the next billing cycle. The City may cancel participation in the budget plan for any customer who fails to make payments as scheduled.

You can apply any time of year, but the applications will only be processed once per year in late July. New payment amounts will go into effect for the August utility bill. 

To apply, you can visit us at City Hall 21 E 100 N or you can fill it out here.

Questions? Call (435) 623-0822.