Little Sahara Sand Dunes

Visiting the Little Sahara Sand Dunes

Located 31 miles west of Nephi on State Road 132, Little Sahara is one of the largest sand dune areas in Utah with more than 60,000 acres of dunes and flats. The dunes are the remnants of the shores of ancient Lake Bonneville that covered the entire area of the Great Basin in prehistoric times. Because of its varying landscape, the area is ideal for weekend camp-outs, off-highway vehicle riding, hiking in vehicle-free zones, or just playing in the sand. Near the campgrounds lie two of the world’s largest sandboxes. 

Sand Mountain

The main focus of hill climbing is Sand Mountain, which juts nearly 700 feet into the sky. 


In addition, the dunes on the northern side of the area provide dozens of riding bowls and southwest of Black Mountain lies a milder terrain perfect for beginners.