Business Licenses

The Basics of Running A Business in Nephi:


Nephi City requires licensing of all businesses which engage in any activity resulting in compensation or other consideration derived from carrying on any business, trade, profession, craft, occupation, commerce or sales of tangible personal property or services or both. 

All applicable City, County, State and Federal laws must be complied with concurrently while licensed in Nephi City.

Certain types of occupations and professions require a state regulatory license in addition to the local business license.

Steps to obtain your license:

  1.  Application: Obtain and complete a business license application. Applications are available at City Hall, or here,   All business license applications must be approved by the Zoning Administrator and by the City Council.
  2. Zoning: There may be different requirements for different types of businesses, depending on if your place of business is located in a residential zone or a commercial zone. Those businesses operating out of a residence will generally be required to apply for and obtain a home occupation business license.  Check with the City to determine what category your business fits into and what requirements will apply.
  3.  Acquire State Tax Commission numbers: Businesses must obtain a Sales & Use Tax number to collect and remit to the state, taxes on the rental or retail sale of items, taxable services, and various out-of-state purchases. Contact the Utah State Tax Commission at 1-800-662-4335 for assistance, or log onto their website.
  4. Register your business name: Each business name or DBA (“Doing Business As”) must be registered. A sole proprietor using only his or her complete legal personal name is exempt from registration. For more information contact the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code toll-free at 1-877-526-3994 , or visit their website
  5. Streamlining the registration process: One-stop online business registration can be found here. By using this system you will be able to register your business with the Utah State Tax Commission. The Utah Labor Commission, Utah Dept of Commerce, Utah Dept. of Workforce Services and the Utah Dept of Environmental Quality.