Spring Runoff 2023

Spring Run off (1)

As of April 2023, we are experiencing a 40-year high for snowpack. It will be important this spring to be prepared for Spring Runoff. As temperatures warm up it is important to remember that you will need to use caution and maintain a safe distance from creeks and rivers that not only flow through our city but surrounding areas.  Our departments are currently planning ahead to maintain areas that are known as high runoff areas. It is important that Residents also do their part.

Our city has limited resources, it will be the responsibility of each homeowner, business owner, renter, and the like to protect from flooding becoming an issue for your property and dwelling. You can do your part if you live near Big Hallow Creek and Salt Creek by planning ahead if we have heavy spring runoff by sandbagging, contacting our offices if you notice large debris preventing flow, and keeping trash from your property from entering creeks.

In addition, often in spring, our area can get torrential rainstorms that can also lead to flooding of businesses and homes.  Homeowners and business owners can also do their part by keeping gutters and storm drains near homes and businesses clear of any yard waste or garbage. It can also help if residents ensure that their downspouts are draining further out into yards, and away from windows, basements, and structures. If residents notice any concerns regarding blocked storm drains please contact our city at (435)623-0822.

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Past history has taught us that potential Spring Run-off Areas that have an increased risk of flooding are near the Big Hollow Creek and Salt Creek areas. These areas will receive priority use for the sandbag resources that our city currently has.

The flood year of 1983 was a significant one to Utah. FEMA mapped flood areas based on the history, and reports from the State of Utah. Below are the years and reports from FEMA based on the 1983 flood:

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We have partnered with Juab County to provide our residents with accessibility to sandbags. Sandbags are available for residents to fill and pick up. RESIDENTS MUST SCHEDULE A TIME TO COME AND FILL.

Residents will need to bring their own shovels to fill their sandbags. Sandbags only need to be filled halfway (1/2) to two-thirds (2/3) of their capacity to be effective.

It is also important to remember that sandbags do deteriorate over time. Being exposed to the elements, becoming damp and drying continuously, wears them out. If bags are placed too early they may not be effective when they are needed most.

To schedule a time slot please contact Nephi City Office at (435)623-0822.

Sandbagging Around Your Home or Business:

Filling Sandbags is only half the battle, proper placement and planning can prevent major flooding. For instructions, tips, and more check out our Sandbag Sheet.

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Additonal Links for Sandbag Instructions::


  1. Assess the risk of flooding in your area and community.
  2. Be Proactive by gathering the tools you will be in need of if flooding occurs.(i.e. shovels, sandbags, gloves, sump pumps, etc.)
  3. Clear out gutters near your home, and free them of trash, rubbish, and green waste.
  4. Basement window wells are often a place for water to flow easily to in times of flooding. Prepare them by placing sandbags around the opening.
  5. Discuss flood insurance with your insurance agent.
  6. Check out some of the useful resources linked to this page.


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