Gas Department

natural gas
Nephi City Gas system first came online in the fall of 1991. It is the first Municipal Natural Gas System in the State of Utah. There are only 3 municipal owned and operated natural gas systems in the state of Utah, and Nephi City is happy to have this asset.   

The system itself is made up of two parts,  the mainline and the distribution line.  The mainline is 42 miles of steel, cathodically protected pipe that runs from Payson Canyon to Levan. It is a high pressure line that currently runs at about 320 pounds pressure, but has an ultimate capacity of 720 pounds when needed.

The second part of the system is called the distribution system. It is made of polyethylene pipe which sizes range from  2 inch through 4  inch mains. It is maintained at about 30 pounds pressure, but as growth and demand change the system can reach as high as 60 pounds. The Poly system is made up of 104 miles of pipe.  Connected to the distribution system are services that range in size from ½ inch through 2 inch, and those services total approximately 2,835 gas meters that are maintained by the Nephi City gas crew. The services and service area includes Nephi, Juab County, Mona City and Rocky Ridge.

The natural gas system is a great asset to Nephi City, Mona City, Levan town, and Juab County.The natural gas system brings much needed revenues to Nephi City, which helps to fund other programs within the City.

Nationwide the number of gas customers has increased by approximately 20 million in the last 20 years, but natural gas consumption has remained fairly constant. Today the average household uses approximately 50 percent less natural gas than it did in 1970. Ongoing improvements to the appliance efficiencies, tighter building shells, behavioral changes in gas consumption, the effectiveness of the gas utility, and efficiency programs have resulted in a decline in use per customer. 

The safety of our customers is our number one priority. We go through a rigorous training program each year to make sure our Pipeline Operators are qualified. We are required to perform many safety requirements on the pipeline and distribution system, and keep detailed records.

We always strive to give our customers the safest and most timely service. We do so because we are part of this community and have pride in what we do.